Background music for artefact

So today I started to think of a piece of music for which I can place throughout my video interview. I believe that using a piece of music as ‘background noise’ can make the video seem more comfortable to watch and keep the content calm and positive.

First of all, I started to look for songs that had lyrics embedded into them, but then I suddenly realised that using lyrics could potentially jeopardise the viewers concentration on what the person on screen is explaining, therefore I started to look at instrumental versions of songs and/or pieces of music that had no lyrics to begin with. Initially these were the list of songs I thought would be appropriate for the background music of my video:

  • SHYER – London Grammar
  • HEARTBEATS – Jose Gonzalez
  • 363N63 – King Krule
  • STILL – Daughter
  • FULL MOON – The Black Ghosts
  • WHITE BLANK PAGE – Mumford and Sons
  • THREE TREE TOWN – Ben Howard
  • BORDER LINE – King Krule

I picked these 9 songs because when going through my playlists on Spotify and eventually coming across these individual ones, they had a certain aspect to them that made me feel relaxed; and so this made me add them to my ‘potential background music’. Throughout the process of choosing, I found it difficult at times to find instrumental versions of the songs such as ‘THREE TREE TOWN’ and ‘FULL MOON’ so this immediately decreaseUntitledd my list as I couldn’t use a song with lyrics in.
Eventually I came to the conclusion that ‘BORDER LINE’ by King Krule would be a perfect theme tune for my artefact as my first thoughts when listening to it reminded me of a beach and sitting in the sunshine, thus keeping my mind tranquil. Although there is singing throughout, the first 22 seconds hold nothing more than an instrumental tune which suited perfectly! The tune kept a steady pace with an uplifting manner to it, and so this automatically drove my feelings into using this particular song.


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