Further Development

Today I started to think about my video artefact and how I was going to place all of the interviews together in order for the film to flow smoothly. As I thought about the possible individuals that could be involved, I came to the conclusion that finding 6 people to willingly put themselves forward and participate in my interview may be hard as most people are too shy or self preserved. Therefore, I have decided to ask only 4 people (2 males and 2 females) to participate as this will be less difficult for me to collect data and varied opinions of the both sexes. For both sets of males and females I will be using one pair of the mixed sexes who share roughly the same age (repeating for the final pair) as I believe using near enough the same ages will help me understand the different opinions and answers shown in regards to two people who have grown up in the same generation.

I am hoping that this new idea will engage my thoughts into the different sides and opinions of how the media has twisted our thoughts on how we perceive ourselves and others.

January 3rd 2016

Today I have decided to change my artefact in regards to the people involved. Due to my question being based around teenagers, I thought it would only be accurate to have people of the same/roughly the same age as me contributing because this way it will help to pin point the specific answers and opinions of my targeted audience in my question. I have chosen to keep the idea of 2 males and 2 females, however, these 4 participants will be around the ages of 16 and 17 because I believe this is the prior age in which people fully contribute to the media industry and take in information of things that interest them. From starting to create and develop my ideas in regards to my artefact, I have came to the conclusion that asking people of different age ranged can form a challenge as they are not in my school (thus creating a barrier of easiness to meet with them and video them), and also they may not be as willing to contribute because of their age or the simple thought of them being shown to a large amount of people on a screen on the day of our presentation evening. This curve in my project has made me realise that I should only focus on the mid/late teens in my school as it would be easier for me to collect data faster, and they will feel more confident telling some of their personal thoughts to me because they know me well and understand that I wouldn’t show anybody apart from the people necessary.


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