Calvin Klein model

So I recently discovered a small article on Twitter which had the title ‘The newest plus-size modelling star’. From initially reading this title it intrigued me as I knew it could have some good opinions to add to my Extended Project, so I explored further. As I clicked on the link shown, it then described this ‘plus-size’ as being a size 10 (US). SIZE 10! This automatically shocked me as I would never consider a size 10 as being plus sized, that is the average size of a women. Myla Dalbesio is a recently signed model for Calvin Klein, and what surprised me was; the company did not place her as ‘plus-size’, however, the headlines spread that assumption rather quickly.

The public find this accusation preposterous due to the insignificant details of the fact that Myla has been pushed into different categories of the modelling industry. She was firstly told to lose weight in order to fit into the skinny section, however, later on in the course it juxtaposition itself by telling Myla to gain weight so she could be the right size for a plus-size model. From this very small piece of information it makes me believe that the thoughts of what ‘plus size’ really is, is becoming out of hand!


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