Today I decided to take an online test to see if I could potentially be developing an eating disorder’. Now, this is not something I have ever done so it is new to me; however I believe it could help me develop my understanding of how the media has somewhat influenced the way I think about my body image. As I have realised, the media are the main cause of young adults forming a type of eating disorder and body hatred. From carrying out this ‘experiment’, I will be clearer as to whether my mental state is starting to form a negative approach towards myself without me initially realising.

(There are a multiple choice of websites for me to choose from which proves that these sorts of tests are not as reliable as they should be. I am well aware that these tests may not be accurate or professional, however, I am still willing to give it a try and see the outcome).

I have chosen to take 3 tests from the first 3 websites shown on the dashboard when I typed in my specific request (‘eating disorder test’).

TEST NUMBER 1:    http://screening.mentalhealthscreening.org/NEDA

  • Firstly, it asked me a few basic questions about my age/gender/ethnicity/relationship and the country in which I live. Then they started asking me questions related to my eating habits and how I feel about food. these questions were escorted with up to 6 short answers to choose from. A few of these questions were:

+  I find myself preoccupied with food
+  I feel extremely guilty after eating
+  I have a desire to be thinner

  • It then began to asked me questions in which made me think about the last 6 months. These questions asked if I have vomited after any meal, used any form of laxatives or diuretics to control my weight, or ever thought about wanting to end my life. This last question opened my eyes and made me understand further that the concept of wanting to be thinner ruins peoples lives and potentially hurts them so much which engages them into ending their own life. I find this appalling and horrific as nobody should feel so negatively about themselves to make them feel that way.


My results showed that I apparently may be at risk for disordered eating which shocked me.

TEST NUMBER 2:    http://psychcentral.com/quizzes/eat.htm

Untitled 1



In this test I scored a total of 32 which on this website concludes that I am at risk of forming an eating disorder (which again, I am surprised about).

TEST UMBER 3:    http://eatingdisorder.org/eating-disorder-information/online-self-assessment

Untitled 3.png


Again, it has shown my answer to be a sign of myself predisposed to developing an eating disorder.
~~ From these 3 results it has made me realise that without even knowing, the certain emotions I feel are unrecognised until I take these small tests. Although these are not professional or set up by a specialist, it still opens a few doors as to how I initially view myself and how (if not stopped or changed) it could develop into a life-threatening disorder.



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