I believe that advertising certain products in regards to body image has grown drastically over the years, and it is becoming unbearable for young adults to handle physically and emotionally.

I found two really good websites today that gave me a range of information, factual evidence, and opinions in regards to advertising and how it is affecting body image of teenagers.

In March 2015 Kilbourne (a women responsible for her documentary on images of women in the media ‘Killing Us Softly’) explained to the public of how advertisements were destroying our concept with food and how the media creates a ‘toxic cultural environment‘ which indeed, harms our relationship with food.
I also learnt about American cultures with advertisement and how indulged they are with it. ‘The average American encounters in 3000 advertisements every day’ and through this it shows images of models to be: tall, slim, and light skinned (all of which is digitally altered into ‘even more unrealistic proportions’. Within this overload of advertisements, we are now faced with the factual evidence of ‘50% of six year old girls worry about their weight’, which also ties into the complications of emotional thoughts on the island of Figi with regards to girls and women who now diet as a result of what they have seen (when initially they thought nothing wrong with their appearance). I find this horrifying as I didn’t understand how much advertising can effect somebody’s perception of themselves in a negative manner until researching and reading into the case further. (



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