TV and Film

Today I decided to research a variety of different TV programmes and films that revolve their storylines on body image. The first example I found was from an extract in the popular 1990’s TV series called ‘Friends’. From looking at a particular website ( it made me realise that near enough any programme can make you think negatively about your appearance. From reading this I learnt that researchers have found out that ‘watching a 10 minute segment of the show had a negative effect on how satisfied young women were with their appearance’ which automatically makes me believe that society is ‘brainwashing’ us into believing that we are never happy with how we look, and always look for a second option on how to improve ourselves. It then goes on to say how only a small number of women in sitcoms are overweight, and if so, negative comments are almost automatically followed due to their appearance. An example of a character with similar aspects to these are flashbacks of Monica (obviously wearing a fat suit to portray her obesity in her previous years). People who are overweight in sitcoms or films are usually stereotyped as being unpopular and having no friends, which suddenly creates a wall of negativity between being ‘slim’ and being obese.


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