Secondary Research

Today in one of my silent studies I decided to start researching my question and the topic it involved. I only looked at brief websites to see some straight forward facts on the topic. Wikipedia was my first option as I knew (even though it is not entirely reliable) that it would have some basic facts to help start my off on my primary research.

I have started a word document that includes small pieces of information to collect over the course of my project – eventually being imbedded into my essay.
I then decided to look at a website called ‘beat’ which is an eating disorder baBeat charity logo.pngsed website that allows people to collect information on different forms of eating disorders, help and advice for unfortunate sufferers, knowledge of ideas to help people you may know personally, and other aspects. I found that this website was very helpful to understand eating disorders as it includes a wide range of information that is explained in a non complicated way to help you understand as easily as possible. I chose to stay on this particular website for the duration of the lesson as it took my interest to read about the different areas of eating disorders and how they can be dealt with.


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