Today at lunch time I met with my EPQ supervisor (Ms Croll) and we spoke breifly about my topic of conversation and what actions will be taking place in my research and final piece.
We spoke about my question and how effective it is in regards to people my age. In regards to my video that I am planning on filming that shows a number of interviews from people that cover their opinions on the media infiltrating peoples perception of body images. At first I thought very vaguely about this idea, but then miss explained to me how I would need permission for them to be filmed, and also she made me think of my age ranges within the film. I was told that it would be more effective if I used people of a young age, to old (as this would create a wider variety of thoughts and feelings and make the research bendable). Both genders will also be put into consideration as the media effects both girls and boys).

We also spoke about where I would collect my primary and secondary research, and here were some ideas:

  • Magazines
  • Internet (eating disorder websites)
  • TV programmes/Films

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